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       In a survey of 500 persons conducted by peribology.com,  67% said when they attempted to use "Floriagraphy," the floral messages were not conveyed appropriately because no two persons had the same definitions. Furthermore 85% of participants confirmed that if given easy-to-understand and manageable directions to use a language of objects, they would be interested. 
        Therefore, this compiling of floral intentions is a reference manual for anyone presenting flowers as a gift.  Peribology is the latest approach at defining a vernacular to be employed by the language of objects, first alluded to in Mary Wortley’s ethnography of Moorish customs while in the Ottoman Empire during the 1700’s.  Did you even know that it's thanks to Lady Montague that we even have a word for describing a “bouquet” of flowers!?
       Many have heard of the Ottoman harems, while some profess to have, “the truer understanding,” of Floriography.  In the midst of diverse meanings and countless suppositions surrounding flowers and gift-giving, other aspects of blossom-lore are soon unfolding. From the dusty volumes of yesterday - combining radical & magical with the sacred to the secular - the arts have shaped how societies attach emblematic significance to blooms of all shapes and sizes. 

Forgiveness is the fragrance a violet sheds on the heel of the one who crushed it.​  

- Mark Twain