What's Peribology?



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          In Peribology: A Compiling of Cultural Insights Regarding Nature's Treasures, author nouveau Bryan Sisson offers an insightful reference-work for minimizing conflicts of all kinds through a knowledge of flowers and gemstones. 
          Standing at the precipice of etymology and common knowledge, Sisson has fashioned Peribology as a methodology for understanding  present-day floral customs, while highlighting various  historical influences throughout history.
What makes Peribology unique is the fact that as a science, we give credit to the great romantics who mapped out floral meaning during the Victorian age, unless earlier evidence has been found in the historical record.  We are a very localized interpretation of symbolic anthropology.
           With so many suppositions providing proof for symbolic definitions, ancient Floriography is somewhat difficult to interpret holistically. For instance, did you realize that azalea cat’s claw, adder’s tongue, cuckoo, French marigold, yellow hyacinth, yellow rose, and holly flowers all traditionally represent the idea of jealousy?  Furthermore, if separating the flower from its color, one may find that yellow sometimes signifies jealousy, while a yellow rose individually signifies a youthful, but hopeful love.